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Come and enjoy the fun, the cars and the friendships that you will find in the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland. Don't wait, Join Today!


1955 1956 1957 Classic Thunderbird

With the introduction of the sporty, two-seater Thunderbird in 1955, Ford created the Personal Luxury segment of the automobile market. So beautifully styled was the automobile that it was acclaimed a Classic just four years after the last of its kind was produced.

The Thunderbird was named for a legendary bird known to the American Indians as a good luck omen. The Thunderbird was to symbolize, among other things, power, swiftness and prosperity.

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland was formed to bring together owners of this Classic automobile and to provide a medium of exchange for ideas and technical information. Whether your Classic Thunderbird is a driver or a show car, you can turn to the CTCC for the valuable help you need in the restoration or maintenance of your vehicle.

A Bit of History

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland held its first meeting on August 28, 1961. The club was chartered as the Thunderbird Sports Club of Chicagoland. In 1964, the club's name was revised to Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland, thus eliminating the "sports car" designation and placing emphasis on the classic features inherent in the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Thunderbird.

In 1963, the Chicagoland members traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, where the Ford Motor Company hosted a truly magnificent Thunderbird convention. This event set the stage for the first Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) convention which was also held in Dearborn in 1964.

The present day CTCC roster reflects a membership of nearly 150 and hundreds of cars.

Benefits of Membership

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland has many regularly scheduled events throughout the year, including: Tours, Thunderbird Shows, Picnics, Meetings, Tech Sessions.

Lasting friendships will be formed through regional as well as local events. Enjoy family fun events with and without your Classic Thunderbird. Our award winning Bird-News is published monthly and is distributed to about two hundred members and subscribers in the Chicagoland area. Bird-News features: Mechanical Information, Articles, Club Events News, Upcoming Activities. In addition, Bird-News offers an advertising service to those wishing to buy, sell or swap cars or parts.

Come and enjoy the fun, the cars and the friendships that you will find in the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland.
Don't wait, Join Today!

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chlcagoland invites you to come join the fun and fellowship that come from owning a 1955, 1956 or 1957 Classic Thunderbird. Share the enthusiasm of these automobiles with your family and new friends at the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland.

To join, simply print and fill out the below form then return it with your dues payment. You'll begin receiving your own copy of Bird-News and you'll be able to take part in a wide variety of activities throughout the year.



Download your membership form here  -📝


Make checks payable to: Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland

Annual Dues -  $30.00: includes email copy subscription to Bird-News, January 1 through December 31. $50.00 includes color printed Bird-News. After July 1st, dues are 1/2 price.

Mail your membership form and dues payment to:

Ms. Madeline Zambon
CTCC Membership
1361 Mackinaw Place
Schererville, IN 46375

If you wish to order a magnetic CTCC Name Badge(s), please download the PDF form and mail with a check to the address on the form. 

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