Celebrating the original Ford Thunderbird   

      from 1955, 1956, and 1957

Recent Events

Fall Tour - The Mighty Mississippi Adventure

The Fall Tour started out Sunny and a bit brisk as the club members congregated at the DeKalb Oasis. Mike & Laura handed out the packets of information for the tour along with survival kits and water.


We headed west to Fulton, Il. with 8 Baby Birds, 4 Retros and 1 daily driver. We headed out on I88 and then we traveled on the old Lincoln Highway (Rt 30). When we reached the Dutch Windmill in Fulton, we were greeted by Debi Ervin who is the Director of Tourism for Fulton. Debi was dressed in Dutch attire and went to each car to welcome the members to the Windmill. The block was closed for our cars to park in front of the Windmill, which made for great pictures.

After our tours in Fulton, we headed across the Mississippi River to Clinton IA., where we had lunch at the Candlelight Inn overlooking the River. When we were finished with lunch, we then headed back over the River and had a leisurely drive down the Great River Road to Moline, Il.  Our final destination for the day was the hotel (The Radisson on John Deere Commons).


Friday morning brought sprinkles and some heavy rain.  We headed back over the River to LeClaire, IA riding on the Great River Road of Iowa. We caravanned to the Buffalo Bill Museum. There we toured the Museum itself which is focused on not only Buffalo Bill but the life along the Mississippi River and local history of LeClarie. After our tour we headed up the hill to the Crane & Pelican for lunch. Our lunch was held in an old River Boat Captains home over-looking the River. Luckily the rain departed, and it just was cloudy as the afternoon was open for members to visit LeClaire and its shops, Antique Archeology (the American Pickers), Mississippi Distillery and or Wide River Winery. That evening we headed down the street to the Celebration Belle Paddlewheel Boat for the Captains Dinner Dance. We had two large tables with a buffet dinner and entertainment. The sun ended up peeking out as we set sail which made for a beautiful sunset.

Saturday morning, we headed up the street to the Deere-Wiman House & Butterworth Center. For lunch we headed back to the River House Bar & Grill and then headed back over the River to Davenport IA., to the German American Heritage Museum where we learned about the German Immigrants that came over to the area. That evening we walked across the street to Johnny’s Italian Restaurant for dinner.

Sunday, Our Homeward Bound Day was gloomy, but spirits were high since Members were happy, they “Survived the Mighty Mississippi Adventure”. We headed out mid-morning and stopped for Lunch in Rochelle, Il. Our lunch spot was the Flight Deck Bar & Grill at the Rochelle Airport.

The Mighty Mississippi Survivors were: Tom & Judy Bruin, Mike & Laura Cielenski, Gordon Gluff & Mary Ziemba, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Pete & Marylu Kramer, Dean & Beth Molburg, Jerry & Pat Peterson, Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Len & Irene Vinyard, Bob & Sue Wenderski, Liz Werth, Jim & Jane Wilson, Madeline Zambon & Judith Mitchell.

By Laura Cielenski

Annual Johnsburg Parade

Light rain on Sunday morning, September 8, did not deter any of the 17 members who had signed up to drive their cars in the annual Saufen und Spiel Parade in Johnsburg. We met for coffee and baked goods at the home of Len and Mary Keil. The cars were lined up and we had a police escort to the parade staging area. The rain stopped before the parade began and the route was lined with lots of onlookers. The drivers and their Johnsburg Village officials tossed candy to eager kids of all ages. Following the parade, the drivers were given tickets for "adult beverages". A minor mishap involving a tractor and its flatbed added some drama to the afternoon. Back at the Keils' we enjoyed sloppy Joes, hot dogs, salads and other delicious foods prepared by Mary.



















The drivers, and their spouses who viewed the parade from the sidelines, were Dan Anderson, Tom Bruin and Judy, Ron Caminiti, Art Hahl, Bob Hoge and Helen, Len Keil and Mary, Larry Kelly and Karen, Pete Kramer and MaryLu, Beth Molberg and Dean, Dan Mrozek, Jerry Peterson, Dan Pritchett and Melinda, Lloyd Schellin and Joan, Ken Smizinski and Kathy, Len Vinyard and Irene, Liz Werth, and Jim Wilson. We thank Mary and Len for all of the hard work they put in to making it a very enjoyable day.  By Liz Werth

Annual Picnic

Yet another year with great weather and a wonderful turnout to the Annual Picnic on the Schellin Farm. There were plenty of appetizers along with delicious sides to accompany the juicy pork chops, burgers and hot dogs.


Those in attendance: Dan Anderson, Bill & Jane Balogh, Lee & Gina Bakakos, Tom & Judy Bruin, Marcy Burhop, Mike & Laura Cielenski, Pete & Lisa Ekstrom, Joe & Barb Esdale, Gordon Gluff & Mary Ziemba, Gail Hascek, Bob & Helen Hoge, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Jerry & Doreen Michna, Dan Mrozek & ArleneDan Mrozek Jr., Jerry & Pat Peterson, Dan & Melinda Pritchett, Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Bob & Barb Sroka, Len & Irene Vinyard, Liz Werth and Jim & Jane Wilson                                                                                                                                                                     

Mt. Prospect Cruise Night 

The weather could not have been more ideal for the BluesMobile Cruise Night by The Mount Prospect Lions Club held on Saturday, July 27. Our parking was on the shady side of the parking lot. After many years of being active participants in the Thunderbird night, the CTCC Board voted to make a donation to the Mt. Prospect Lions Club in support of their efforts. Twenty-seven CTCCers and a few of their friends enjoyed delicious pizza, cold beverages and cookies while people admired the seven little birds and a couple of other classics from our club. We put up a tent but quickly took it down when the gusty wind threatened to carry it away. We missed quite a few "regulars" who had other obligations.


Those in attendance were: Dan & Karen Anderson, Lee & Gina Bakakos, Bill & Jane Balogh, Tom & Judy Bruin, Peter & Lisa Ekstrom, Gordon Gluff & Mary Ziemba, Art Hahl, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Peter & Steve Kramer, Jerry & Pat Peterson, Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Bob Sroka, Len & Irene Vinyard, and Liz Werth.

Porep Collection/Hayride/Bonfire

A group of us drove up to Roger Porep’s Car Collection & Memorabilia while some of the ladies stayed back on the farm to converse. The collection was made up of many cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles of various years. Some being restored and others waiting for the chance to come back to life. The car collection was nestled in the former Porep Dairy Farm and were stored in 4 large buildings with another building being built. The main dairy barn’s upper level was transformed into a memorabilia museum of old-time signs, clocks, cars, juke boxes, bars, ice cream station, and much more. It was truly amazing.

After our visit we returned to the Schellin farm for a hayride around the farm. Our leader, Lloyd, led the way through the fields where corn and soybean would grow and up to the hog/steer farm area. As we sat on the bales of hay in the wagon, Lloyd would make various stops and explain a little bit about the operations of the farm. When we returned, we dined on appetizers, Italian beef sandwiches, pasta and salads along with a variety of desserts.

Those in attendance: Bill & Jane Balogh, Tom & Judy Bruin, Mike & Laura Cielenski, Joe & Barb Esdale, Gordon Gluff & Mary Ziemba, Gail Hascek, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Jerry & Doreen Michna, Dan Mrozek and Arlene, Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Len & Irene Vinyard, Liz Werth, Jim & Jane Wilson.